Handmade Monster - VexirHandmade Monster - VexirHandmade Monster - VexirHandmade Monster - Vexir
foto: Handmade Monster - Vexirfoto: Handmade Monster - Vexirfoto: Handmade Monster - Vexirfoto: Handmade Monster - Vexir

Handmade Monster - Vexir

The Monsters Sanctuary

New Curio Monsters made in the shadows. Vexir is the most striking of his monster buddies. He is a friendly monster, though he looks as if he may be a little scary!, he isn't. Fear comes from your mind, not from him silly. On the contrary, he will protect you from all the bad monsters out there. Pure Curiomat, we are sure you will agree........

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  • Height: 9 cm
  • Width: 6 cm
  • Depth: 5 cm
  • Maker: The Monsters Sanctuary

The eye of the beholder!

He's a scavenger of the monster world. His face covered in scars from battles gone by.  Now he is resting and healing.  A vain chap, he insists on covering his face whilst his scars heal,  but we all know he will not be too pretty after,  just really cute. Vexir is hand made and painted with bolt and rope details to give him a mummy like appearance.  He only has one fluorescent eye after one of his more violent encounters. Don't worry he is very brave so have him close by when you sleep to protect you from the darker monsters that lurk in your dreams. Look out for the other characters in this collection, we are sure one just won't be enough.

Please note these figures are not for children and should be kept out of reach of our smallest humans.  Each monster is handmade so colours and styles may vary from photos shown.


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