Handmade Monster - ShadeHandmade Monster - ShadeHandmade Monster - ShadeHandmade Monster - Shade
foto: Handmade Monster - Shadefoto: Handmade Monster - Shadefoto: Handmade Monster - Shadefoto: Handmade Monster - Shade

Handmade Monster - Shade

The Monsters Sanctuary

Look... In the corner, do you see? There is a monster. One who will hypnotise you with his big shiny black eyes, so so cute. Another new character from our monster collection. Shade is a real charmer, we are sure you will agree....

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  • Height: 6 cm
  • Width: 4 cm
  • Depth: 4 cm
  • Weight: 0 kg
  • Maker: The Monsters Sanctuary

Give him some lovin!

Wow, Shade is definitely the sweetest monster in this original Czech handmade collection.  Created in the still of the night, his big black eyes draw you in.  Don't be fooled, he may warm your heart but he has a few tricks up his dark sleeves.  You can rest easy while he wards off evil monsters that try to enter your dreams.  Keep him close while you sleep and you will feel safe.  A cute curio guardian just for you.  Check out the other guys in this motley monster crew.

Please note these monsters are not for little humans so keep them out of reach of little hands and mouths. Oh and pets too!

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