WildArt - Ceramic Octopus (large)WildArt - Ceramic Octopus (large)WildArt - Ceramic Octopus (large)WildArt - Ceramic Octopus (large)WildArt - Ceramic Octopus (large)

WildArt - Ceramic Octopus (large)

As soon as they arrived we fell in love with this beautiful handmade ceramic Octopus. See how one tentacle appears to disappear into the water. Their eyes are deep and captivating. We all know the magic of these wonderful sea creatures and to have the opportunity to have your own unique friend at home, well... don't miss out!

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  • Height: 9 cm
  • Width: 30 cm
  • Depth: 35 cm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Maker: Andrej Frič
foto: WildArt - Ceramic Octopus (large)foto: WildArt - Ceramic Octopus (large)foto: WildArt - Ceramic Octopus (large)foto: WildArt - Ceramic Octopus (large)foto: WildArt - Ceramic Octopus (large)
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Ocean deep

The warmth and detail in this original ceramic is breathtaking. Sometimes mistaken for a wooden piece by our customers, it is clear that the artist really knows his craft. He will lay gracefully on any surface and be the centre of conversation with guests. For ocean lovers this is an ideal gift. Bringing a sense of wonder to your world and life to your home.

Please note this piece is handmade and any others once sold will not replicate the photos shown.

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Shop reviews

Lali, Australia 18. 4. 2022bbbbb

Very beautifully done quirky piece. Shipping was fast too.

Purchased item:Siren
Patricia, USA 18. 4. 2022bbbbb

Perfect companion for my “fish face!” Love it! Love it! Love it!!!

Purchased item:Seahorse
Caroline, Germany 17. 4. 2022bbbbb

Bought it a second time after my toddler broke the first one. I love it and I am getting frequent compliments for it!

Elisabeth, Germany 2. 4. 2022bbbbb

Wunderschöne Tasse, genauso wie ich sie mir vorgestellt habe! ❤️

Anna, Israel 20. 3. 2022bbbbb

10/10 A+ purchase. Speechless! Came carefully thoughtfully packaged. Seller is very professional and responsive. The soldiers are amazing! Uniform Colors - vibrant, shapes - adorable, cuteness - impossible. Will be ordering more.

Purchased item:The Chubby Troop

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Source of the reviews: Curiomat.cz, Google, Etsy

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