Tornasuk (Inuit spirit)Tornasuk (Inuit spirit)Tornasuk (Inuit spirit)Tornasuk (Inuit spirit)Tornasuk (Inuit spirit)

Tornasuk (Inuit spirit)

Hand carved wooden Tornasuk is a great collectable. Ideal as a gift, children love him and for those of us who love collectables this little chap is a good place to start. We warn you though, once you get one you will want more we are certain of it....

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  • Availability: In stock (2 pcs)
  • Height: 14 cm
  • Width: 8 cm
  • Depth: 8 cm
  • Weight: 0 kg
  • Maker: Růžička
foto: Tornasuk (Inuit spirit)foto: Tornasuk (Inuit spirit)foto: Tornasuk (Inuit spirit)foto: Tornasuk (Inuit spirit)foto: Tornasuk (Inuit spirit)
ShippingIn stock (2 pcs)
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The ice man cometh!

Influenced by the god of plenty worshipped in greenland, this little chap is not just a toy. Tornasuk is a cheeky demon/spirit who is offered sacrifice and is believed to heal the sick and bring good fortune to those who know him.  Another great addition to the Amulet range.  Hand painted in Martin's signature style he will charm you and make you smile.  We know for sure that children will love him he is a friendly little demon and will bring fun and laughter to your world.

Please note each piece is handmade and therefore colours and styles may vary from photos shown.

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Julia, Denmark 7. 10. 2021bbbbb

Very fast delivery and beautiful figure!

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