Ceramic CatCeramic CatCeramic CatCeramic CatCeramic CatCeramic CatCeramic Cat
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Ceramic Cat


Feline elegance, paws! Take a look at these beautiful curio cats hand-made by an awesome local artist. Ivan's work is known for it's calming presence, these silent beauties will stand proudly in any home. Stunning pieces of art, just purrrfect!

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  • Height: 39 cm
  • Width: 14 cm
  • Depth: 36 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Maker: Panov


Check out our newest addition!!  Another handsome feline with more muted tones and wire whiskers!  Usual careful attention to detail.  A lot of work goes into creating the lighting effect when a tealight is added.  Real sculptures with their own purrrrrrsonalties :)

Notice the hand painting, how accurately it shows their features and form.  Lines and use of strong colour like a unique fur coat give these mysterious creatures an Egyptian feel.  The metal tail is antique and its unusual shape compliments the body and painting.  A stunning piece of art, just purrrfect!

You can specify which cat you would like by adding your choice in notes.  Ginger Thomas or wire whiskered William.  It's up to you ......


Please, note that each Cat is an original piece of art and it will differ from the pictures above. For example, colours may vary and the brass tail can be different in shape as each of them is antique.

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