Siren is a beautiful creature. Handmade here in Czech, she is hand painted with love. Drawn from the vivid imagination of her maker, she will surely add fun and playfulness to any space. Quirky and cute, she is a real magical creature, just waiting for you to catch her and take her home.

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  • Availability: In stock (1 pcs)
  • Height: 20 cm
  • Width: 12 cm
  • Depth: 2 cm
  • Maker: Čermák
foto: Sirenfoto: Sirenfoto: Sirenfoto: Sirenfoto: Siren
ShippingIn stock (1 pcs)
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Song for a siren

Known for their haunting song, dragging sailors to their watery peril, this rather cheeky lady will call you but only to make you smile.  Another curious member of the Fish people family.  Always quirky, they are here to add fun and magic to your world.  So stay curious and explore the depths of our oceans here at Curiomat and find your own treasure :)

Please note each ceramic is handmade so can vary in color and shape from photo shown.

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Lali, Australia 18. 4. 2022bbbbb

Very beautifully done quirky piece. Shipping was fast too.

Purchased item:Siren

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